Sir Edmund Hillary: Beyond Everest

Sir Edmund Hillary: Beyond Everest

Over a 40 year period, Sir Edmund and his teams, working together with the local people have built 30 schools, 2 hospitals, many health clinics, bridges, and two airstrips in the Everest region. In 1999, Michael filmed Sir Edmund’s work in the Solu Khumbu in action.

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Awards for Sir Edmund Hillary: Beyond Everest
  • Himalaya Award for Best Human Adventure Film, Calcutta International Adventure Film Festival, India 2000
  • Best Film on Mountain Culture, Poprad International Mountain Film Festival, Slovakia 2000
  • Best Film on Mountain Culture: Trento International Mountain Film Festival, Italy 2001
  • Best Film on Mountain Culture: Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival, Canada 2001.

Filmed, written & directed by Michael Dillon. Edited by David Stiven. Music by David Skinner. Length 55 mins

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