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PANASONIC DVCPRO50 AJ-SD 900 series camera & PANASONIC DVCPRO 50 AJ-D 910 series camera. Switchable between widescreen 16:9 and 4:3 and 25 and 50 Mbps, comes with 3 heavy duty on board 56WH lithium ion batteries and charger.
Lenses. Fujinon wide angle zoom 5.5-47mm with doubler
Fujinon normal range zoom 8-160mm. with doubler.
Canon 300mm. Doubler also available.
Canon 800mm. Doubler also available. This lens comes with a lens support system.
Tamron 90mm Macro lens & Variscope probe and snorkel lens.

SONY EX3 video camera with base plate capable of using all above lenses.

SONY 537AP Betacam SP camera with PVV-IAP Betacam SP recorder back.
Compatible with all lenses mentioned above.

SONY DSR-PDX 10P miniDVCAM (good 16x9) with century .65 wide angle adaptor and radio mic.

SONY DCR-PC104E miniDV Includes infared zero lux night shoot function.
SONY XC999P lipstick camera which can record into Sony PD 100 and PDX 10P camera. Includes 3.5mm wide angle lens.

MONITOR. JVC TM-1010PN 9 inch colour video monitor (A/C powered or with heavy duty Lithium ion battery and charger)


AATON XTR- PROD Super 16 camera. Variable speeds up to 75 fps. 2 magazines, batteries and charger.
Lenses. Canon 8-64mm.
Optex Canon 10.5-210mm zoom lens. Doubler also available.
Plus the other lenses mentioned earlier, 300mm, 800mm,macro, probe, snorkel system.
Accessories such as mattebox, intervalometer.

AATON LTR 54 Super 16 camera. Variable speeds up to 54fps. 3 magazines, batteries and charger. 
Also Bolex, Éclair NPR, Arriflex ST Standard 16mm cameras.

VARISCOPE LENS SYSTEM. A probe and snorkel lens system incorporating a wide angle lens (choice of 5. 5 mm or 10mm) at the end of a long probe that can point straight ahead or 45 or 90 degrees up or down. Adaptors available for all listed cameras including film cameras.


Miller Arrow, Miller Arrow 50 and Miller 25. Also hi-hat and cinesaddle. 

Cinekinetic Mini jib and PVC Pipe Dolly.


Arrilight kit 3x650 watts.

Balcar Duolight daylight and tungsten balanced fluro light.

100 watt Dedolight kit.
600 watt ellipsoidal spotlight.

250watt fibreoptic light kit.

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