Latest Release   “A Little Bit Mongolian”
A Little Bit Mongolian featured on Itzon TV
Itzon TV as well as screening ALBM have reviewed the film and published an interview with Michael.
You can see the review and interview here
More Awards for "A Little Bit Mongolian"
A Little Bit Mongolian has now been screened at festivals in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Slovakia, France, USA and Nepal. It has won the Best Film on Mountain Culture at the Banff Mountain Film Festival (2009), The Silver Award for Cinematography at the NSW ACS Awards (2009), The Best Film on Nature and Culture at the Poprad International Mountain Film Festival (2010) and most recently, the Silver Award at the Kathmandu Mountain Film Festival (Dec 2010). It has also been selected for screening at the Byron Bay International Film Festival in March 2011. 
Some viewer feedback....
"The dvd finally arrived!! I was so excited and couldn't wait!! I popped it right in, and the opening scene with the music caught my husband's eye and he was hooked. Had I asked him to watch it with me I would have gotten the "not right now, I'm in the middle of something..." response, but I knew he would forget his "something" else once I got it rolling. He was spellbound, as was I for the second time. When it was over, we looked over the photos that I took of our trip in 2007. The images of the kids, the faces, their spirits so easily captured on film took us right back. We had passed through Hovsgol on our way to the northwest end of Lake Khovsgol where we stayed for several days and witnessed their regional Nadaam.  Watching your film took us right back there and that familiar lump that I experienced the first time I saw your film (Pacific Rim Film Festival in Santa Cruz) visited me once again. You capture the place. Plain and simple. Your photography is wonderful. And we are in awe of how smooth you made it seem...We've driven those roads and they are far from smooth!  Once again, I thank you for the opportunity of owning such a beautiful piece of visual (and emotional) art." Ann Lydon, Ca
Burke & Wills Environmental Expedition
“In 1860 Burke and Wills might have blazed a trail across Australia opening up the outback for settlement by pastorilists, cattlemen, farmers and miners but now 150 years later they are lending their famous – household - names to repairing the damage done to the outback by our overuse of this land.” Dr Jonathan King.
The Burke and Wills Environmental Expedition set off from Melbourne in August 2010 and reached the Gulf of Carpentatia in November. Along the way they interviewed local stakeholders and environmental scientists about the environmental issues they came across and possible solutions. Michael filmed the journey for a planned documentary describing the findings and exploring the outback landscape and its people. Due to adverse weather and impassable roads, the Expedition was forced to bypass the section of the route from Innamincka to Cloncurry. They hope to be able to travel back to central Australia and complete the journey in 2011. Follow the Journey on these web sites:-

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